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Zena Marqos

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[[File:Zena Marqos.jpg|right|thumb|220px|Abune Zena Markos (1937–2010).]]
Archbishop '''Zena Marqos''' (Begosew) was a senior hierarch of the [[Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church]] under the Derg (communist based military junta) in Ethiopia and later in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in Exile that was formed in the Ethiopian Diaspora following the [[deposition]] of Patriarch Merqoriyos by the Ethiopian government in 1992.
==External links==
*Janet I. Tu. ''[http://wwwseattletimes.eotcholysynodnwsource.orgcom/ html/obituaries/2011111580_bishopobit18m.html Archbishop of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church church, in exile, dies at 72 in ExileSeattle] .'' Seattle Times (Official WebsiteObituary). February 17, 2010 at 8:54 PM.
*[ Abune Zena Marqos] (Memorial Page)
*[!/pages/Abune-Zena-Markos-Memorial-Page/308545098146 Abune Zena Marqos] (Facebook Page)
*[ Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in Exile] (Official Website)
* [[w:Abune Zena Markos|Abune Zena Markos]]
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