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Nerses the Gracious

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St. Nerses' "Profession of Faith of the Armenian Church" was consequently sent to Constantinople, where it was well received by both Emperor Manuel and the Ecumenical Patriarch Michael. This began a series of exchanges between the Churches of Constantinople and Armenia, with the two concluding that neither was heretical in its Christology, Constantinople accepting that the Armenians did not teach the absorption of the Lord's human nature into his divine nature and the Armenians accepting that Constantinople did not believe in the division of the Lord into two persons. (This dialogue ultimately bore no fruit as Emperor Manuel died and subsequent political events in the empire made its continuation impossible.)
His ecumenism aside, St. Nerses is also remembered for being a prolific writer, poet, and hymnographer. The current structure and many of the hymns of the Arevakal or Sunrise Service of the [[Armenian Rite ]] (celebrated on the Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent) are attributed to him, as are a number of other beautiful prayers. St. Nerses the Gracious reposed in 1173.

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