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The Shepherd's Guild

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The '''Shepherd's Guild''' is a service organization for Orthodox laymen that provides an laypersons with the purpose to provide outreach to people through service (Diakonia) as "commanded by the [[Gospel]] (Matthew 25:31-46: James 1:27) and promulgated by St. [[Basil the Great]] of Caesarea and St. John the Almsgiver of Alexandria."
The Guild was chartered on [[September 30]], 1999, as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of South Carolina with the purpose: to raise funds to build an Eastern Orthodox Church (Chapel) in the Anderson area, to foster fellowship among its members, to promote pan-Orthodox activities, and to engage in humanitarian efforts. On [[August 17]], 2001, the Office of the Secretary of State of South Carolina re-classified the Shepherd's Guild as a religious organization. The Shepherd's Guild is registered as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity with the Internal Revenue Service.
A Building Fund for the Paracletos Monastery, Antreville, SC, was established by the Guild to assist in the building of the [[chapel]] of Panagia Soumela at the [[monastery]]. The main fundraising activity for the building fund is the Anderson Greek Festival. Donations are also welcomed to assist in In March 2011, the monastery's building needsMonastery ended its connection with the Anderson Greek Festival.
Also, the The Guild's outreach project is "Vitamins for Villages" - providing vitamins to needy children in [[Uganda]].
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