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*Christensen, Fr. Damascene, [ "Interview with Fr. Damascene"] Hieromonk Damascene speaks about creation with reference to patristic literature.
*Gascoigne, Fr. Serafim [ "Evolution" A New Fundamentalism"] from
*Moss, Vladimir [ "Twelve Lectures on the Nature of Man"] Chapter 11 of this work, entitled "Created Soul or Evolving Body?" confronts the issue of evolution from a Patristic framework.
*Orthodox Way of Life blog [ Is Man Responsible for the Condition of the Environment?] Although this post does not directly address the question of evolution, it does present a thoroughly literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account.
*[[Seraphim Rose|Rose, Fr. Seraphim]], [ "Genesis, Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision"], several chapters from Fr. Seraphim's book on creation; [ "Genesis and Early Man: The Orthodox patristic understanding"], a letter to Dr. Alexandre Kalomiros.

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