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List of American monasteries

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*[[New Skete (Cambridge, New York)|Monks of New Skete]], Cambridge, New York. Father Laurence.
*[[Holy Ascension Romanian Orthodox Monastery (Detroit, Michigan)|The Ascension of Our Lord Monastery]], Detroit, Michigan. Superior: Archimandrite Mihail.
*[[St. Michael Skete (Canones, New Mexico)|St. Michael Skete]], Canones, New Mexico. Hieromonk John (Anderson)Monk Siloan.
*[[St. John of Shanghai Monastery (Point Reyes Station, California)|St. John of Shanghai Monastery]], Manton, California. Archimandrite [[Meletios (Webber)]].
*[[Protection of the Theotokos Monastery (Weaverville, North Carolina)|Protection of the Theotokos Monastery]], Weaverville, North Carolina. Archimandrite [[Gregory (Wendt)]].

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