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Church Music

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In the Orthodox Church, '''Church music''' is in the Orthodox Christian Church has been a vital component of worship in the divine servicessince the foundation of Christianity, following in the traditions established during [[Old Testament]] times. The music and styles of today are of composite origin, drawing on the artistic and technical developments of the classical age, on Jewish music, and inspired by the monophonic vocal music that evolved in the early Christian cities of Alexandria, Antioch, Ephesus, and Europe. Orthodox services are sung nearly in their entirety.
*[[Byzantine Chant]]
**[[Serbian Chant]]
*[[Old Roman Chant]]
*[[Carpatho-Russian Beneventan chant]]*[[Carpathian Chant]]*[[Celtic Chant]]*[[Galician Galican Chant]]
*[[Georgian Chant]]
*[[Gregorian Chant]]
*[[Mozarabic Chant]]
*[[Russian Chant]]
**[[Bakhmetev Obikhod]]
**[[Bulgarian Chant (Russian)]]
**[[Greek Chant (Russian)]]
**[[Kievan Chant]]
**[[Old Simonov Chant]]
**[[Valaam Chant]]
**[[Znamenny Chant]]
*[[Syrian chant]]
*[[Coptic chant]]
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