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Eighth Ecumenical Council

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The '''Eighth Ecumenical Council''' was a reunion council held at Constantinople in 879-880. This council was originally accepted and fully endorsed by the [[papacy]] in Rome (whose legates were present at the behest of [[Pope]] John VIII), but was later repudiated by Rome in the 11th century, retroactively regarding the [[robber council of 869-870]] to be [[Ecumenical Councils|ecumenical]]. The council of 879-880 affirmed the restoration of St. [[Photius the Great]] to his [[see ]] and [[anathema]]tized any who altered the [[Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed]], thus condemning the [[Filioque]]. 
== Ecumenical? ==
This council is not regarded as ecumenical by all Orthodox Christians, but some major voices in the Orthodox world do so, including 20th century theologians Fr. [[John S. Romanides]] and Fr. [[George Metallinos]] (both of whom refer repeatedly to the "Eighth and [[Ninth Ecumenical Council]]s"), as well as Fr. [[John Meyendorff]], Fr. [[George Dragas]] and Metropolitan [[Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos]].
Further, the [[Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs]] refers explicitly to the "Eighth Ecumenical Council" regarding the synod of 879-880 and was signed by the [[patriarch]]s of [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]], [[Church of Jerusalem|Jerusalem]], [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]], and [[Church of Alexandria|Alexandria]] as well as the [[Holy Synod]]s of the first three.

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