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Life-Giving Spring

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[[Image:Saint Mary Of The Spring.jpg|right|thumb|The [[w:Holy well|Holy well]] (Hagiasma) of the Church of the Life Giving Font (Istanbul).]]
[[Image:Procession-Feast of Zoodohos Pigi-Arcadia,Greece-1950s.jpg|thumb|right|Procession on the [[feast day]] of Panagia the Life-giving Font in the village of Kastri, [[w:Arcadia|Arcadia]], Greece, ca.1959, on [[w:Bright Friday|Bright Friday]].]]
There are two accounts extant concerning the revelation of the Life-Giving Font. In It is likely in either case, it is likely that before the 5th-6th century monastery was erected, a shrine with a spring of water by a grove of trees dedicated to the [[Theotokos]], had already existed outside the City of Constantinople from early times. Over time, the grove had became overgrown and the spring had become fetid.<ref>Archpriest Feodor S. Kovalchuk. ''Wonder-Working Icons of the Theotokos.'' Youngstown OH: Central Satates Deanery, 1985. pp.67–70.</ref><br>
'''Nicephorus Callistus'''<br>

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