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Life-Giving Spring

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[[Image:Procession-Feast of Zoodohos Pigi-Arcadia,Greece-1950s.jpg|thumb|right|Procession on the [[feast day]] of Panagia the Life-giving Font in the village of Kastri, [[w:Arcadia|Arcadia]], Greece, ca.1959, on [[w:Bright Friday|Bright Friday]].]]
[[Panagia]] the '''Life-Giving Spring''' or '''Life-giving Font''' (in Greek : Ζωοδόχος Πηγή) is both the [[feast day]] of a historic church just west of Constantinople in [[w:Balıklı, Istanbul|Valoukli]], and an icon of the [[Theotokos]] (Virgin Mary) which is venerated by the Orthodox Church, commemorated on [[Bright Week|Bright Friday]] of each year.
==Story ==

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