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Andrew (Vujisić)

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== '''Church Life''' ==
As a layman, Zoran Vujisić was director, from 1982 through 1988, of St. Mary’s Orthodox Community Welfare Center (in Sydney, Australia), which served people from 105 ethnic backgrounds, including his beloved Montenegrins, and other immigrants from the FRY. He was also coordinator of the parish’s Community Refugee Sponsorship Program, which provided housing and support for immigrants and refugees. He continued in those capacities after his ordination to the diaconate on January 29, 1988 and to the priesthood on February 15, 1989 by Archbishop GABRIEL, after which he was assigned as priest of St. Mary’s Pan-Orthodox Parish. Several of his spiritual children now serve as Orthodox clergymen and monks. The miracle of the Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Crucified Christ occurred at St. Mary’s Church from 1994 to 1995 during his tenure. For his arduous work, he was awarded the Patriarchal Medal of the [[Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch]] by the Greek Orthodox [[Patriarch of Antioch and All the East]], His Beatitude [[IGNATIUS IV]]. While at St. Mary’s, he also served (on loan) at Holy Annunciation [[Romanian Orthodox]] Parish and St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Parish ([[OCA]]), both in the Sydney metropolitan area. During his priestly service in Australia, he was the administrator of the Archdiocesan Community Housing Program, which provided low cost housing for underprivileged and struggling immigrant families. Additionally, he served as Archdiocesan Religious Education Coordinator for Public Schools from 1991 through 1995, which attended the religious educational needs of hundreds of children from the FRY.
=== '''Puerto Rican Mission''' ===

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