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Andrew (Vujisić)

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On September 29, 2009, the [[Holy Synod of Constantinople|Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate]] unanimously elected Archimandrite Andrew as Bishop of Tralles. The Patriarchal announcement of his election was cited by the official election notice of the [[Holy Metropolis of Mexico (Central America)]],<ref>[ ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΟΣΙΣ]. ΙΕΡΑ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΙΣ ΜΕΞΙΚΟΥ / SACRO ARZOBISPADO ORTODOXO GRIEGO DE MEXICO. September 28, 2009.</ref> which was published worldwide. It references the growing number of Orthodox immigrants in Latin American countries in need of pastoral care, and states that the Bishop-elect would assume the responsibility of establishing and administering Pan-Orthodox communities wherever necessary.
Regarding the news of Archimandrite Andrew’s election to the episcopacy, Metropolitan [[Hilarion (Kapral) of New York|Hilarion (Kapral)]] wrote to Metropolitan [[Athenagoras (Aneste) of PanamaMexico|Athenagoras (Aneste)]]:
:“Throughout the years,…Bishop-Elect Andrew has earned and enjoyed an unblemished reputation as being a model of true godliness and eminent piety, which is indeed evident to all those who meet him. His life has been marked by self-sacrifice and hard work….”

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