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[[Image:Many-eyed CherubimGarden of eden mosaic.jpg|right|thumb|An icon of the manyMany-eyed Cherubim angelsangel in center. (''Nave Mosaic from Palatine Chapel, Palermo, Sicily. Mid 12th c.'')]]
The many-eyed '''Cherubim''' (sg. '''Cherub'''), second after the [[seraphim]] in the angelic hierarchy, stand before the all-knowing God in ineffable radiance. They are always radiant with the light of the knowledge of God and His [[Holy Wisdom|Wisdom]], and with the knowledge of the mysteries of God. Named 'cherubim', meaning 'great understanding' or 'effusion of wisdom' in Hebrew, they are enlightened and therefore, through the cherubim, wisdom is sent down to others and enlightenment of the spiritual eyes is given to see God and have knowledge of Him. In other words, the Lord dwells between the cherubim (2 Samuel 6:2).

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