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Augustinos (Kantiotes) of Florina

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[[Image:Augustin Kandiotis-1.jpg|right|thumb|Metropolitan Augustinos (Kantiotes).]]
[[Image:Augustin Kandiotis.jpg|right|thumb|Metropolitan Augustinos (Kantiotes).]]
His Eminence Metropolitan '''Augustinos Kantiotes''' (Greek: Αυγουστίνος Καντιώτης), April 20, 1907 – August 28, 2010,<ref> News. ''[ Εκοιμήθη ο Αυγουστίνος Καντιώτης].'' Σάββατο, 28 Αυγούστου 2010, 11:49.</ref> was [[bishop ]] of the Holy [[Metropolis of [[w:Florina Prefecture|Florina]], [[w:Prespes|Prespai]] , and [[w:Eordea Province|EordeaEordaia]] in northern Greece, renowned as a defender of traditional [[Orthodoxy]] both in Greece and abroad, and a prolific writer of spiritual literature, publishing 82 books, several of which have appeared in English and in other languages.
Metropolitan Augustine Andrew Kantiotis was born Andrew Kantiotis in Paros on [[April 20]], 1907on the island of Paros, on the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea . He graduated from the Theological School of Athens in 1929.
In 1935, he Andrew was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]], taking the name Augustine, and in the same year he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] by Metropolitan Metr. Ierotheos (Paraskevopoulos) (1934-1961) of [[Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnania|Akarnania]].
In 1941, Dcn. Augustine transferred to the [[Metropolis of Ioannina]] where he served as preacher under Metropolitan [[Spyridon (Vlachos) of Athens|Spyridon]], who later became Archbishop of Athens. During the years of Axis Powers' occupation of Greece in World War II, Fr. Augustine served variously. In 1942, he was transferred to the Metropolis of Edessa where he was ordained a [[presbyter]] by the [[Metr. Panteleimon of Edessa and Pella. At the end of the year, he was transferred to the Metropolis of Thessalonica and served stints to Kilkis, Veria, Edessaand Florina. In 1943, Pella and Almopia|Metropolitan Fr. Augustine transferred again to the Metropolis of Edessa Kozani where he established a food-kitchen that prepared and Pella]] Panteleimondistributed 8000 servings each day.
He Following the war, he served as [[Chancellor ]] of the [[Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnania|Metropolis of Aitolia]], as a [[priest]] for the military (1947-50), and as a preacher in Athens (1951-67). He issued dozens of periodicals, founded boarding schools, was the founder of "The Cross" ("O Stavros") theological [[Brotherhoods|brotherhood]], and was most noted as a fiery preacher throughout Greece.
On [[June 25]]In 1951, 1967 he was [[enthronement|enthroned]] as Fr. Augustine transferred from the Metropolis of Karystia to the Metropolitan Archdiocese of FlorinaAthens. On He served the [[January 14archdiocese]]as preacher, first, 2000 he retired due to old age after serving under Archbishop Spyridon and for the Metropolis for 33 next 17 yearsunder five different archbishops.
On Following his election by the [[August 28Holy Synod]], 2010 about 5am he reposed in Fr. Augustine was [[enthronement|enthroned]] on [[June 25]], 1967, as the LordMetropolitan of the [[Metropolis of Florina, Prespai, aged 103. May his memory be eternaland Eordaia]].
On [[June 25]], 1967, he was [[enthronement|enthroned]] as the Metropolitan of Florina. During his years as metropolitan of Florina, Metr. Augustine re-established the magazine "The Orthodox Herald", served for five terms on the Holy Synod, ordained about one hundred priests, established an ecclesiastical high-school in Florina, and built many churches, boarding houses, and old-age homes. Feeling his advancing years, Metr. Augustine on [[December 9]], 1999 submitted his resignation from the [[cathedra]] after serving the Metropolis for 33 years. He formally retired on [[January 15]], 2000, but continued visiting parishes delivering brief sermons, blessings congregations, and distributing antidoron.  Following a stroke on [[August 3]], 2010, Metr. Augustine reposed in the Lord on [[August 28]], 2010 about 5am, aged 103. ==References== <div><references/></div> ==Books in English Translationtranslation==
* ''On The [[Divine Liturgy]]: Orthodox Homilies''. 2 Volumes. Transl. and forward by Asterios Gerostergios. Massachusetts: [ Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies], 1986. Complete set ISBN 0-914744-71-2.
:Originally appeared in the Greek under the title: ''Εις την Θειαν Λειτουργιαν, Πατρικαι Ομιλιαι'', published by the Orthodox Missionary Brotherhood, "Ο Σταυρος" ("The Cross"), Athens, 1977.
* ''[ WHAT IS PAPISM?]'' 1956.
* ''[ OPEN EPISTLE TO THE ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH].'' Christian Spark. Issue no. 438, March-April 1985.
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* [[w:Augoustinos Kantiotes|Augoustinos Kantiotes]] at Wikipedia.*[ Bishop Augostinos Kandiotis of Florina, Greece]* [ Elder Augustine Kantiotis]. Apostle Paul Bookstore, Rockdale, NSW.* Archimandrite Laurentios Gratseas. ''[ SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF BISHOP AUGOUSTINOS N. KANTIOTES, FORMER METROPOLITAN OF FLORINA,PRESPAS AND EORDAIA].'' 2010.
'''Greek sources'''
* [ Αυγουστίνος Καντιώτης]. Βικιπαίδεια.* News. ''[ Εκοιμήθη ο Αυγουστίνος Καντιώτης].'' Σάββατο, 28 Αυγούστου 2010, 11:49.
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* [ Holy Metropolis of Florina, Prespai and Eordaia] (''Greek'')
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