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My name is Nathan Lawrence and I'm a 17 year 19 years old male from Lancaster, Ohio (about to turn 18 though). I has raised attend Tiffin University, majoring in protestant home homeland security and now , as of lately, terror studies. In the past I have turned East and will be returning home to the church of the fathers. I feel as though protestantism has broken my heart and has failed me, but orthodoxy is putting it back together. I am still not been active in the process of converting and still find somethings hard to swallow, this Wiki but I'm sure they will come with time. I'm looking for a orthodox church so I can experience the Holy Tradition and intend to have my questions settledchange that. I plain on putting my testimonial on here in due time. I guess my main purpose here is  ==To do List==* Add more scripture references to edit small typos and encourage discussion about potential flaws in articles. I am also a member of creationwiki.
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