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[[Image:Nativity.jpg|100px|The Nativity of Christ]]<br><br>
[[Image:Ignatius.jpg|100px|Hieromartyr Ignatius, God-bearer of Antioch]]
</div>[[Forefeast]] of the [[Nativity]] of our [[Jesus|Lord]]; [[Hieromartyr]] [[Ignatius of Antioch]], the [[God-bearer]] , Bishop of Antioch (107) (see also [[January 29]]); Saint Philogonius, Bishop of Antioch, Confessor (323);Martyrs Liberatus and Bajulus, at Rome;Saint Ursicinus of Cahors, Bishop of Cahors in France (ca.585);Saint Dominic of Brescia, successor of St Anastasius as Bishop of Brescia in Italy (ca.612);Saint Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne, a disciple of St Columbanus, founded the monastery of St Ursanne (ca.625);Saint Daniel II, Archbishop of Serbia (1338);[[Venerable]] Ignatius the [[Archimandrite]] of the [[Kiev Caves]](1435); [[Saint]] Philogonius, [[Bishop]] of Antioch; Saint Daniel, [[Archbishop]] of Serbia; [[New-Martyr]] John of the Isle island of Thasos, at Constantinople, by beheading (1652);Saint Anthony (Smirnitsky), Archbishop of ThassosVoronezh (1846); repose Repose of [[Righteous]] [[John of Kronstadt]], [[Wonderworker]] (1908); repose '''Other commemorations:'''Novgorod Icon of Anthonythe Theotokos, Archbishop "Deliverance of the Drowning" ("Rescuer of Voronezh and Zadonsk, and the Drowning"). <noinclude>[[MetropolitanCategory:Calendar day templates|December 20]] Philaret of Kiev (Theodosius in schema);</noinclude>

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