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German (Đorić) of Serbia

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His son, Vlastimir, later became [[protodeacon]] and teacher at St. Sava Seminary in Belgrade. His wife, however, had died.
In 1950, he was assigned the position of secretary general of the Holy Synod and editor in chief of the ''Glasnik'', the official gazette of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Also he was elected [[June 12]] auxiliary [[bishop]] to Patriarch [[Vikentije II Vicentius (Prodanov) of Serbia|Vikentije]], with title vicar Bishop of Moravice. Fr. Hranislav was tonsured by bishop [[Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča|Vasilije]] of Banja Luka at Studenica [[monastery]] [[July 7]], acquiring the name German. Fr German was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]] [[July 12]]. Patriarch Vikentije, together with bishops Vasilije of Banja Luka, Nikanor of Srem and Valerijan of Sumadija, consecrated Fr German. His ordination took place in Belgrade in Cathedral church of Holy Archangel Michael, [[July 15]].
In 1951, he was elected bishop of Budim. However, Hungarian authorities didn't approve this appointment, and the government didn’t allow him to enter the country. Thus, he was never enthroned. In 1956, he was appointed Bishop of Žiča, one of most prestigious [[see]]s in Serbia, succeeding [[Nikolai Velimirovic|St. Nikolaj]]. In this capacity, he was also an administrator of Budimlja-Polimlje and Raška-Prizren eparchies.
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