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It should be made clear that this group is claiming a name that it does not rightly have.
The self-styled '''"Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - Provisional Supreme Church Authority"''' (PSCA) is a body composed of [[parish]]es from the [[ROCOR]] who refused to enter into [[communion]] with the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]] in May of 2007. Like the ROCOR before the union, they have maintained communion with the [[Holy Synod in Resistance]] under Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili and their sister churches. The current head of the jurisdiction is Metropolitan [[Agafangel (Pashkovsky) of Odessa]]. Unlike ROCOR, they are not in communion with any canonical Orthodox Church, while even prior to reconciliation with the Moscow Patriarchate, ROCOR had maintained communion and concelebrations with the Church of Serbia, and the Jerusalem Patriarchate.
The current structure of the ROCOR-PSCA (as of the Sobor of November, 2008) is as follows:
*Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa and Tavrich, First-Hierarch of the ROCORROCA-PSCA
''(United States and Europe)''
*Archbishop Andronik of Ottawa and Eastern America

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