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Church of Constantinople

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The [[Church of Constantinople]] is headed by the [[Patriarch of Constantinople]] and is split into a number of Metropolitanates as listed below.
[[Image:Byzantine-Constantinople.jpg|left|thumb|Map of Byzantine Constantinople.]]
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**[[Metropolis of Chalcedon]]
**[[Metropolis of Derkoi]]
**[[Metropolis of the Imbros and Tenedos|Metropolis of Gokceada and Bozcaada (Imbros and Tenedos)]]
**[[Metropolis of the Prince Islands]]
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*[[Theological School of Halki|'''Theological Institutions''']]
*[[Ecumenical Patriarchate in America]]
*[[Ecumenical Patriarchate in Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Mexico, Central America, MexicoColumbia, Venezuela, and the Caribbean Islands, Columbia & Venezuela]]
*[ Official website of the Patriarchate of Constantinople]
*[ Official website of the Permanent Representation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the World Council of Churches]
 *[ 9&sitecode=HQ&pageno=1 Eastern Christian Churches: Patriarchate of Constantinople] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar
*[ The Origins and Authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church], by [[Demetrios Constantelos|Demetrios J. Constantelos]]
*[ Caesaropapism?: Theodore Balsamon on the Powers of the Patriarch of Constantinople], by Paul Halsall
*[ Constantinople and Rome: A Survey of the Relations between the Byzantine and the Roman Churches], by Milton V. Anastos
*[ Brief Historical Note Regarding the Ecumenical Patriarchate], from the official website
*Prof. Thomas Mathews. [ The Byzantine Churches of Constantinople]. New York University (Institute of fine Arts).
*[ Byzantium 1200] (Byzantium 1200 is a project aimed at creating computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, TURKEY as of year 1200 AD).
*[ Timeline]
*[ Virtual tour]
[[fr:Église de Constantinople]]
[[ro:Biserica Ortodoxă a Constantinopolului]]
[[ru:Константинопольская православная церковь]]

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