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Euthymius III Karmah

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Karmah continued to refuse recognizing Cyrill even at the celebration of [[Pascha]] in 1625. In retaliation, Cyrill Dabbas accused Karmah before the [[Ottoman empire|Ottoman]] authorities who there upon arrested him. He was beaten and charged with a large monetary fine that the Christians of Aleppo paid to have him released.
In 1627, he again returned to Constantinople to defend himself, also again successfully. In 1628, he took part to the [[Synod]] of Ras-Baalbek]], where he along with all the other Melkite bishops deposed Cyrill and declared Ignatius III to be the sole patriarch, ending the split in the [[Melkite ]] Church.
A few months after the bloody death of Patriarch [[Ignatius III Atiyah of Antioch|Ignatius III Atiyah]] in 1634, Karmah was elected the Patriarch by the Christians of Damascus. He was consecrated on [[May 1]], 1634, taking the name of ''Euthymius III''.
Carrying through with the friendly relations he had in the previous years with the Western missionaries, his first move as Patriarch was to send a delegation to Rome to re-establish union with the Catholic Church as set forth in the decisions of the [[Council of Florence]]. He also planned to open schools with Jesuit teachers.
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