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Photius of Alexandria

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Patr. Photius was born in 1853. At the repose of Patriarch [[Hierotheus of Jerusalem]] in 1882, Photius was elected to the see of Jerusalem by the [[Holy Synod]] of Jerusalem over the other candidates: Bishops [[Nicodemus of Jerusalem|Nicodemus]] and [[Gerasimus of Jerusalem|Gerasimus]]. However, Imperial Russia opposed his election and convinced the Turkish Sultan to not issue a Berât approving the election. After his rejection, Photius returned to his [[monastery]] at Sinai.
In 1890, the Patriarchate of Constantinople persuaded the Sultan to [[deposition|depose]] Nicodemus, the incumbent [[patriarch]] of Jerusalem, and assign the [[Ottoman Turk Documents|Berât]] to Photius. Once again Russia opposed Photius as Patriarch of Jerusalem, and he was once again not approved by the Sultan as [[patriarch]]. Photius was subsequently elected [[Metropolitan]] of Nazareth.
In 1899, Metr. Photius was elected and [[enthronement|enthroned]] as Patriarch of Alexandria.

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