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List of Patriarchs of Antioch

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#[[Basil of Antioch|Basil]] (455-459)
#[[Acacius of Antioch|Acacius]] (459-461)
#[[Martyrius of Antioch|Martyrius]] (461-465469)#[[Peter the Fuller]] (465469-466471, 474476-475476, 485-488)#[[Julian of Antioch|Julian]] (466471-474476)#[[John II of Antioch|John II]] (475476-490477)#[[Stephen II of Antioch|Stephen II]] (490477-493)#[[Stephen III of Antioch|Stephen III]] (493-495479)#[[Callandion of Antioch|Callandion]] (495)#[[John Codonatus]] (495479-497485)#[[Palladius of Antioch|Palladius]] (495488-505498)#[[Flavian II of Antioch|Flavian II]] (505498-513512)#[[Severus of Antioch|Severus]] (513512-518)<br>Severus was deposed by the Greek Orthodox Church in 518; while in exile in Egypt, he was recognized by many Syriac Christians as the lawful Patriarch until his death in 538.<br>In 544, [[Jacob Baradeus]] consecrated [[Sergius of Tella]] as Patriarch. To the year 544, both the [[Church of Antioch (Jacobite)|Syrian Orthodox Church]] and the [[Church of Antioch]] recognize the same people as legitimate patriarchs; afterwards, they trace a different lineage; there was also a Latin Patriarch of Antioch from 1100 to 1268.
#[[Paul II of Antioch|Paul II]] (518-521)
#[[Euphrasius of Antioch|Euphrasius]] (521-526)

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