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Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

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The '''Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece''' is an [[Old Calendarist]] Church which in 1935 broke from severed communion with the [[Church of Greece]] in 1935 over the use acceptance of the [[Revised Julian Calendar]]. The adoption of the new calendar was viewed as an abrogation of the Orthodox Church's historical festal unity and a contradiction of Orthodox self-understanding by establishing common worship with non-Orthodox and furthering the goals of [[Ecumenism]], while sacrificing festal unity among the Orthodox Churches. It is not in communion with any of the [[List of autocephalous and autonomous churches|mainstream Orthodox churches]], though it has enjoyed occasional support from mainstream churches which have retained the [[Julian Calendar]]. It also has support from some of the monks of [[Mount Athos]]. Its current [[primate]] is Archbishop Kallinikos (Sarantopoulos) of Athens and All Greece.
==Primates (1935-present)==

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