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Vakhtang I Gorgasali of Iberia

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The source of the appellation “Gorgasali” for King Vakhtang was his military helmet. The front of the helmet depicted a wolf, and on the back, a lion. Wearing such a helmet, Vakhtang was easily visible to his Persian foes who upon seeing it would cry to others, “Dar’ az gurgsar!” (“Beware of the wolf ’s head!”)
King Vakhtang led the efforts to banished [[pagaismpaganism|pagan]] fire-worshipping from Georgia. He also opposed the [[Monophysitism|monophysite]] [[heresy]] that had been introduced in Georgia by the Persians. Reacting to the king's opposition the monophysite [[Bishop]] Michael disgracefully cursed the king and his army. He became so infuriated when King Vakhtang approached him to receive his blessing, he kicked the king in the mouth and broke several of his teeth. As a consequence, the king sent Bishop Michael to Constantinople for trial. The [[patriarch]] of Constantinople subsequently defrocked Bishop Michael and sent him to a [[monastery]] to repent.
While visiting Constantinople, King Vakhtang met two men of God, whom later he asked the emperor and patriarch to be elevated to the episcopacy. As the Church of Georgia was under the [[jurisdiction]] of the patriarch of Antioch [[Peter I of Georgia|Peter]] and [[Samuel I of Georgia|Samuel]] were sent to the [[Church of Antioch]] where they were [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]], Peter as [[Catholicos]] and Samuel as bishop. Peter, Samuel, and twelve other bishop traveled to Kartli. With the arrival of Catholicos Peter, the Church of Georgia gained its autocephaly.

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