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Talk:Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

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I'll just add that it's a shame that the article is so short on Orthodox Wiki when even wikipedia has much more useful and accurate information about this saint and father of the Church.
Please be sure to sign your posts, and please don't assume that information is inaccurate simply because you are unaware of it. I have seen multiple references to the Saint's translation of the work in question. One citation is Metropolitan [[Kallistos Ware]], "St Nikodimos and the ''Philokalia''", in ''Mount Athos the Sacred Bridge: The Spirituality of the Holy Mountain'' (2005). The Metropolitan writes: "In addition to the ''Combattimento Spirituale'' of Scupoli, Nikodimos produced a Greek edition of the ''Spiritual Exercises'' of Ignatius Loyola, using the expanded version of Gianpetro Pinamonti. Nikodimos's widely respected work on confession, ''Exomologitarion'', is also for the most part a direct translation of two books by another Roman Catholic writer, Paulo Segneri, ...." (p. 91). --[[User:Fr Lev|Fr Lev]] 07:40, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

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