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Sretensky Monastery

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Sretensky Monastery is now one of the most important centers of Orthodox religious life and education in Russia. The cathedral is being restored, including restoration of the [[iconostasis]] according to the ancient [[canon (Canon law)|canon]]s. In addition to the daily [[Divine Liturgy]] and regular monastic life, the monastery has become one of the largest publication houses in Russia.
On [[September 8]] [[Old Calendar|O.S.]], 1995, the [[patron saint|Patronal]] day of the monastery, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was brought from the State Tryetyakov Gallery for two days. In spite of heavy rains, more than 30,000 believers participated in the procession at the monastery. The [[relics]] of the [[martyr]]ed Abp. Hilarion (Troitsky) were moved from St. Petersburg to the monastery in May 1999.

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