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Seraphim (Rose)

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Although an American [[convert]], Fr. Seraphim is regarded by many as a bastion of sound Orthodox teaching in a time when many American [[jurisdiction]]s, and even factions within the Russian Church Abroad itself, were allegedly introducing new and/or erroneous teachings or practices. In ''Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future'', Fr. Seraphim highlighted what he and others saw as dangerous trends in both the secular and ecclesiastical worlds—namely, modernism and ecumenism (though the book mainly deals with religious movements invading America and outside Orthodoxy).
It was during this time also that [[Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Brookline, Massachusetts)]] began to distort the official positions of the Synod of the Russian Church Abroad[citation needed]. Fr. Seraphim with his fellow monastic, Fr. [[Herman (Podmoshensky)]], used their own tiny printing press to transmit what they regarded as the uncompromised teachings of the Church on a number of issues such as [[evolution]], [[life after death]], and pre-[[Great Schism|Schism]] western [[saint|saints]].
One major issue of contention between Fr. Seraphim and Holy Transfiguration Monastery was the presence of [[grace]] within the allegedly Soviet-compromised hierarchy of the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]]. Fr. Seraphim refuted the extremist views of this monastery and consistently affirmed that Moscow, though ailing, still had grace.

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