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Constantine II of Constantinople

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'''Constantine II of Constantinople''' was the Patriarch of Constantinople during the middle of the eighth century, from 754 to 766. A believer in [[iconoclasm]], Patr. Constantine fell from the grace of the iconoclast emperor [[Constantine V ]] who had appointed him.
After gaining the imperial throne, emperor Constantine V convened, in February 754, a council of [[bishop]]s at Hieria, on the Asia side of the Bosporus across from Constantinople, The council, which lasted from [[February 10]], 754 to [[August 8]], 754, was attended only by iconoclast bishops. The patriarchal throne was vacant since the repose of Patr. [[Anastasius of Constantinople|Anastasius]] earlier that year and none of the other patriarchs were present or represented. The Council of Hieria approved Constantine's Iconoclastic religious policy and elected Constantine II as the new Iconoclast [[patriarch]] after the emperor announced him at last session of the council. However, the council refused to follow in all of emperor Constantine's views.

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