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Anatoly Chistousov

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My first translation in this place was more right. Even an english source says so:
On [[March 21]], 1994, he was appointed to help [[protopriest]] Peter Netsvetayev, the [[deanery|dean]] of Orthodox churches in the Chechen Republic. Receiving an appointment, Fr. Anatoly at once departed for Grozny, where at that time it was very dangerous.
Fr. Anatoly at once earnrd earned the love of parishioners of Michael the Archangel Church and inhabitants of the city of Grozny. Implicitly he executed obediences appointed by the dean, visited [[parish]]es for fulfilling church services, served reverentially, and aspired as soon as possible to learn services.
In December 1994 in Grozny a large-scale war operation began. The temple appeared in epicentre of the fighting; one of the first shells destroyed the second floor of the church building, some shells hit the temple, but divine services were conducted in the church cellar. Fr. Anatoly, in a cassock, went fearlessly among bullets and shells to assist the soldiers, to inhabitants who remained hidden in cellars of houses in the city. He confessed, partook [[communion]], and [[baptism|baptized]]. His cassock was shot through by bullets in several places, but he again and again went to those who waited for him.
Soon after the beginning of war operations protopriest Peter Netsvetayev left the city and his flock. Without questioning, Fr. Anatoly, still a beginning priest, headed the parish. The city was on fire, bullets whished, terrible explosions of aerial bombs sowed destruction, but Fr. Anatoly continued to stay with his flock. He helped both Russians and Chechens as he could, shared the last that he had. Under his management the [[temple]] in baptistery, the only remaining usable part of the parish home, has been arranged. Services in the newly arranged temple were conducted constantly.
On New Year's Eve of 1995 he was forcibly taken prisoner by bandits to the Grozny railroad station, where he was ordered to appeal to the Russian defense forces to surrender. In response, Fr. Anatoly said nothing and silently blessed the soldiers.
Since [[March 15]], 1995 he was appointed the rector of Michael Archangel Church in Grozny and the dean of Orthodox churches in Chechnya. In view of disastrous financial conditions of the parish, Metr. Gedeon decided to provide for it from Diocesan funds<ref name="p">[ Life of the priest Anatoly Chistousov]</ref>.
==Captivity and Martyr Death==
On [[January 29]], 1996, during the First Chechen war, Fr. Anatoly, together with archpriest Sergius Zhigulin (now Archimandrite [[Phillip (Zhigulin)|Phillip]]) from External Church Relations Department, was going to meet with Brigadier General Akhmed Zakayev to negotiate the release of a soldier of the Federal Forces Boris Sorokin from Chechen captivity. However, on the way to the Chechen capital from Urus-Martan, they were captured by an armed group under Doku Makhayev's command and were placed in a concentration camp of the so-called Department of State Security of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria. Afterwards the investigation established that the order to capture the priests had been given by same Zakayev<ref>[ Answer to an official inquiry of State Duma Deputy A. Savelyev from Procuracy of the Russian Federation, 20.06.2005]</ref>.
In the end of the first day of the captivity the prisoners, under the offer of Fr. Anatoly partook of the Eucharist with bread that was available for them, consecrating it with their prayers to Body of Christ making it possible to partake further<ref>[ Witness of Arch. Phillip (Zhigulin)]</ref>.
On [[April 29]], 2000 Federal Security Service of the Russia passed to Metr. [[Kyrill I (Gundyayev) of Moscow|Kyrill of Smolensk]], Chairman of the External Church Relations Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, a selection of documents testifying to destiny of the priest of Michael Archangel Church, Anatoly Chistousov, abducted by the Chechen terrorists on [[January 29]], 1996. During the period, when a history of Fr. Anatoly remained unknown, the Church hierarchy attempted to obtain the freedom of the abducted priest, as well as other clergymen and the children of Church who had been captured in Chechnya. Eventually some prisoners found freedom. In other cases, regretfully, they had been executed by the gangsters and reposed in settlements of the righteous<ref>[ Priest Anatoly Chistousov took a martyr end in the chechen captivity]</ref>.
Remains of Fr. Anatoly were exhumed only in July 2003 in mountains near Old Achkhoy<ref>[http://www.tserkove-vestnik.inforu/numberschurch/charitypodvedeny_itogi_blagotvoritelnoy_2757/?ID=599 Подведены итоги благотворительной акции в помощь семье священика Анатолия Чистоусова]</ref>. Now he has been buried on the Stavropol cemetry. His tomb is within the cemetery [[chapel]].
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* [ Документальный фильм «Миротворцы» ВA Documentary Film by V.НосковNoskov "Peacemakers"]

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