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Real Presence
My understanding of the Real Presence according to Orthodoxy is as follows:
First af all Jesus Christ is perfect God and perfect Man. As God, He is the second Person or hypostasis of trinitarian God, the Logos, that is God's Wisdom, Logic, Reason, Reasoning or Spirit of Son. As perfect Man, He has perfect human Soul and perfect human Body (Flesh and Blood). As every man's body contains (includes) his soul, Jesus Body contains (includes) His Logos and His human Soul. Holy Gifts after trasforming are, supernaturaly, Jesus Body and Blood, physically remain bread and wine. How somebody gets Logos in reality? By fear of God: (Psalm 110:10, in hebrew bible 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 1:14). I can only give an example, who has Logos: somebody (man or woman) offers, in metaphorical or allegorical language, that is mysteriously, to a christian, true information values for a christian. If the christian accepts it, he/she has Logos. In this case Holy Spirit speaks through that man or woman and he(she) is, in this case, God's angel or true Priest. When somebody gets Logos in his(her) every day life and then eats (gets) Jesus Body and Blood they are united with Logos and Jesus Christ is formated inside christian. Otherwise, if he/she has no Logos, Jesus Body and Blood become (supernatural) fire and burn him/her. [[usertalk:catechumen]] Aug. 27, 2010.
==Christian Eucharist = Jewish Passover? ==

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