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Cyrus and John

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The Holy [[martyr]]s '''Cyrus and John''' were physicians who lived during the years of Emperor Diocletian's persecutions. After entering [[monasticism|monastic]] lives they came to Canopis to encourage Athanasia and her daughters in their faith when they were enduring persecution and torture, and suffered martyrdom with them.
Born in Alexandria of Egypt in the third century A.D. to faithful Christian parents, St. Cyrus [Kyros] was raised to be a true follower of Christ from an early age.
St. Cyrus attended the university in Alexandria becoming a medical physician. He treated his patients without pay or rewards. St. Cyrus healed in the name of [[Jesus Christ]] with [[prayer]]s and by reciting passages from the [[Old Testament]]. After his patients were healed he would advise them that in order to stay healthy they must obey God’s commandments and not sin as most of the time sickness comes through sin.
A pious Christian woman named Athanasia was arrested along with her three young daughters – Theokitista, age fifteen, Theodotia, age thirteen, and Eudoxia, age eleven, in the town of Canopis. When learning this Ss. Cyrus and John came to the Canopis prison to encourage the women not to abandon their faith.
Needless to say the saints were arrested and tortured with beatings, whippings and burnings with lighted torches and boiling tar. This example of Christian courage and devotion strengthened the resolve of Athanasia, TheokitistaTheoctista, Theodotia Theodota and Eudoxia who were also similarly tortured and beheaded only to be canonized as Saints of our Church.
Furious by their refusal to pay homage to Roman Gods Syrianos had Ss. Cyrus and John beheaded (311) and they were buried in the church of the [[disciple]] and [[evangelist]] St. Mark.

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