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Joseph (Petrovykh) of Petrograd

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Metropolitan '''Joseph (Petrovykh) of Petrograd''' was a hierarch of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] during the early part of the twentieth century who during the persecutions objected strenuously to the [[Sergius I (Stragorodsky) of Moscow|Metr. Sergius]]' issuance of the declaration of support for the Bolshevik regime in 1927. He became the most vocal leader of the [[Catacomb Church]] in [[Russia]], and was glorified as a saint by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] in 1981.
After his arrest again on [[September 12]], 1930, Metr. joseph was convicted on the following [[September 3]], 1931 of being "the leader of the church-administrative centre of the All-Union counter-revolutionary monarchist organization, `The True Orthodox Church´". He was sentenced to five years in camps, a sentence that was to exile him to the desert of Kazakhstan for five years.
On [[June 24]], 1937, Metr. Joseph was arrested on a charge of "counter revolutionary activity". After intense interrogation and questionable confessions, Metr. Joseph was sentenced to death. Metr. Joseph was executed by gun fire on [[November 1020]], 1937 in the Lisij Ovrag near Chimkent, Kazakhstan together with Metr. Kyril [[Cyril (Smirnov) of Kazan]], Bp. Eugene (Kobranov) of Rostov, and many others.
In 1981, Metr. Joseph was locally [[glorification|glorified]] as a New Martyr by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]], but his glorification has not been recognized by the entire [[Russian Orthodox Church]]. His [[feast day]] is [[November 30]].
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