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== Byzantine chant question ==
Hi Pistevo, I came across your user page and saw that you can ead Byzantine notation. I am a 14 year old boy teaching myself how to read Byzantine music, but have a question I thought you could answer. I know that the oligon, petasthé, and kentémata are all ascending seconds, but this confuses me: how can there be three symbols for an ascending second? How are each used? Thank you, --<font color="teal">[[User:Iliada|Iliada]]</font><font color="teal" size="100px"></font> 15:55, June 24, 2009 (UTC)
== Psalter quote question ==
You told me that Fr. Georges Florovsky said the quote about the golden thread and the psalter found here: [[Psalter]]. I can't find that anywhere. Can you point me to a reliable source that says that? I find golden thread and the mind of the fathers, φρόνημα τόν Πατέρον (sp?) but nothing about the Psalter.

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