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List of parishes in Japan

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===Tokyo ===
[[Image:Nicolai-do-1930s.jpg|thumb|left|100px|As re-built in 1929]]
*[[Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)|Holy Resurrection Cathedral]], Kanda
*Nativity of Our Lord Church, Yamate
==External links==
*[ Church of Japan Main Website]
*[ Church of Japan website]
*[ Diocese of Tokyo(Integrated into Japan website)]**[http:/ / Parishes in Diocese of Tokyo]*[ Diocese of Eastern Japan Website]**[ Parishes in Diocese of Eastern Japan]
*[ Diocese of Western Japan Website]
**[ Diocese of Eastern churchlist.htm Parishes in Western Japan Website]*[ html All Japan Parish Listing in Western Japan Diocese- Unofficial]
*[ The Orthodox Church Singing in Japan]
[[Category:Orthodoxy in Japan]]
[[ro:Lista parohiilor din Japonia]]

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