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Aerial Toll-Houses

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[[Image:tollhouses.jpg|right|thumb|350px|An Iconographic depiction of the Toll Houses]].
The teaching of '''Aerial Toll-Houses''' regards the soul's journey after its departure from the body, and is related to the [[w:particular judgment|particular judgment]]. In its most general form, it refers to the idea that after death, the demons attempt to find a basis for taking the soul to Hades, while the angels and the prayers of the living defend the soul if it can be defended. Whether the soul is finally seized by the demons, or taken to heaven depends on the state of the soul at death. In either case, the soul then experiences a foretaste of what it can expect after the [[w:final judgment|final judgment]]. According to Fr. Thomas Hopko, the teaching of the Toll Houses is found in virtually every Father of the Church .<ref>Fr. Thomas Hopko on the Toll-houses,</ref>
==Patristic evidence==

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