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Jesus Prayer

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The form most in use on [[Mount Athos]] is "[[Lord]] Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me." It is particularly used in the practice of the spiritual life known as [[hesychasm]].
It is, for the Orthodox, one of the most profound and mystical prayers and is often repeated endlessly as part of a personal [[asceticism|ascetic]] practice. There have been a number of [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] texts on the subject, but its usage has never achieved the same degree of devotion as in the Eastern Church. A more elaborate version known to some Roman Catholics by the same name goes: "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of [[Hell]], and lead all souls to [[Heaven]], especially those most in need of Your mercy."
The prayer is most reflective of the lesson taught by the [[parable]] of the [[Publican and the Pharisee]]; in which the [[Pharisee]] demonstrates the improper way to pray by exclaiming, "Thank you Lord that I am not like the Publican." While the Publican in humility prays correctly "Lord have mercy on me, the sinner" ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 18:10-14). And likewise in the [[Gospel]]s, [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] crying out as he sank into the sea, "Lord, save me."

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