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Chrysostomos Papasarantopoulos

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Father Chrysostomos opened the road for modern Orthodox missionary activity in Africa. He started out at 57 years of age all by himself without any aid, and found himself in Africa preaching the word of the [[Gospel]]. After labouring for twelve years across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo, and also learning having learned the Swahili and French languages at a relatively old age, he fell asleep in Africa having started a huge task which was continued with great success.
Today, much progress has been made in evangelizing Congo, and there is a [[Archdiocese of Central Africa|Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in Kinshasa]]. Father Chrysostomos was the pioneer, who laid the foundations, on which the superstructure of Orthodoxy in Congo was raised up. Kenya is not a small country, but Congo is more than four times the size of Kenya. Father Chrysostomos was always on the move, travelling widely. His life was a continuous round of travelling, preaching, [[Baptism|baptizing]], planting churches and celebrating the [[Divine Liturgy]]. The greatest desire of his heart was to spread Orthodoxy to Congo, and in this, he was marvellously successful. He was a perfectly humble man, full of the [[Holy Spirit]], a truly [[w:altruism|altruistic]] person who remains relatively unknown even today.<ref name=MAKARIOS/>
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