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Ephraim of Kazan

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His loyal support and encouragement of the Russian cause was recognized by the defending Moscow nobility. He became the focal point for Moscow's calls for help, coordinating calls to the cities of the Volga region for their military assistance. The metrpolitan's imprisoned predecessor, Patr. Hermogen, urged Ephraim that he work to build the faith of the defenders of Russia. Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, the leaders of the relieving army that they assembled in Nizhny Novgorod sought counsel with Metr. Ephraim before they made their advance on Moscow and cleared the invading enemy from the city on [[October 22]], 1612.
After the Polish forces had been expelled from Moscow, Metr. Ephraim was called to preside at the Zemsky Council in Moscow on [[February 21]], 1613 that elected [[Michael of Russia|Michael Fedorovich Romanov ]] the Tsar of Russia. On [[July 11]], 1613, Metr. Ephraim crowned Michael Fedorovich. Then after instructing the young tsar of his duties to protect the Orthodox Church, Russian state, to esteem the [[clergy]], and to love nation, Metr. Ephraim anointed Michael Fedorovich completing the [[enthronement]] of the new tsar, and thus executed his sacred duty.
After having received the Gospel from Tsar Michael Fedorovich, Metr. Ephraim returned to Kazan to serve a short period before his repose on [[December 26]], 1613. He was buried in a cave of the Savior-Transfiguration Monastery, along with the [[relics]] of the Kazan wonderworkers [[Gury of Kazan|Gury]] and Varsonofy.
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