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*Hallam, Fr. Gregory, [ "Orthodoxy and Creationism"]
*Kalomiros, Dr. Alexandre, [ "The Six Dawns"]
*Kuraev, Fr. Deacon Andrey, [ "Can an Orthodox Become an Evolutionist?"] and ; [ "Orthodoxy and Creationism"]
*Maletis, John P., [ "Let There Be Light: An Orthodox Christian Theory of Human Evolution for the 21st Century"]. <i>Theandros</i> Vol. 5 No. 3.
*Metallinos, V. Rev. Prof. Dr. George, [ "Faith and Science in Orthodox Gnosiology and Methodology"] Very briefly mentions evolution, but overall states the traditional Orthodox position of separation between divine and earthly knowledge.
* Anonymous blogger, [ Orthodoxy and Creationism], a compilation of Patristic and modern quotes about evolution and Genesis. ; [ Genesis, Creation, and Early Man], George and Elizabeth Theokritoff's review, linked above, with the blogger's critical comments interpolated in bold. ; [ The Entire Creation was Created Incorrupt], a compilation of patristic quotes. ; [ Adam and Eve were literally the first people and were created uniquely from all other creatures and subsequent people], a compilation of patristic quotes.
*Bensusan, Ephrem Hugh, [ "Orthodox Christianity and the Post-Christian Intelligentsia: A Response to Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo): Part 1"] Bensusan deals with the Archbishop's acceptance of evolution.
*Bufeev, S. V, [ "Why an Orthodox Christian cannot be an evolutionist"]
*Christensen, Fr. Damascene, [ "Interview with Fr. Damascene"] Hieromonk Damascene speaks about creation with reference to patristic literature.
*Gascoigne, Fr. Serafim [ "Evolution" A New Fundamentalism"] from
*[[Seraphim Rose|Rose, Fr. Seraphim]], [ "Genesis, Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision"], several chapters from Fr. Seraphim's book on creation. ; [ "Genesis and Early Man: The Orthodox patristic understanding"], a letter to Dr. Alexandre Kalomiros.
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