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Ephraim (Moraitis) of Philotheou

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Archimandrite '''Ephraim of Philotheou''' (commonly known as '''''Elder Ephraim''''', sometimes spelled '''''Ephrem''''') is an [[archimandrite]] and former [[abbot]] of [[Philotheou Monastery (Athos)|Philotheou Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]], spiritual guide of several [[monastery|monasteries]] on Mount Athos and Greece, and the founder of several monasteries in the United States. He resides in Arizona at [[St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery (Florence, Arizona)|St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery]].
Elder Ephraim has been a [[hieromonk|priest-monk]] for almost 60 years and has served as an elder for more than 50 years. He was a [[disciple]] of Elder [[Joseph (Spilaiotis)the Hesychast|Elder Joseph]] the [[Hesychast]] of Mount Athos and lived in monastic obedience to him for 12 years until his Elder's repose in 1959.
==Early life==
==Monastic life==
When he arrived at Mount Athos, he became a disciple of Elder [[Joseph the Hesychast ]] who [[tonsure]]d him in 1948 and gave him the name Ephraim. Elder Ephraim was subsequently [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]], and then a [[priest]]. The life in the brotherhood under Elder Joseph was very austere and [[asceticism|ascetical]], and Elder Ephraim made great spiritual progress under his holy Elder. After Elder Joseph's repose in 1959, Elder Ephraim continued to live in asceticism for many years until he became the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Philotheou in 1973, where he was able to revive the spiritual life there in a short time. Due to the reputation of Elder Ephraim, the monastery's brotherhood grew rapidly. Elder Ephraim was asked by the council of Mount Athos to revive and expand several other monasteries on Mount Athos which had a dwindling number of monks. These monasteries were [[Xeropotamou Monastery (Athos)|Xeropotamou]], [[Konstamonitou Monastery (Athos)|Konstamonitou]], and [[Karakalou Monastery (Athos)|Karakallou]]. He was also asked to repopulate the [[Great Lavra (Athos)|Great Lavra]] but declined. These monasteries are still under his spiritual guidance today. Along with the monasteries on Mount Athos, there are several other monasteries in Greece under Elder Ephraim's spiritual guidance, including the monastery of St. [[John the Forerunner]] in Serres, that of [[Panagia]] the Directress in Portaria (Volos), and that of the [[Archangel Michael]], a formal [[metochion]] of Philotheou on the island of Thasos.
==Present day==
== Writings ==
*''Counsels from the Holy Mountain: Selected from the Letters and Homilies of Elder Ephraim'' by Elder Ephraim. Florence, Arizona: St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery, 1999. (ISBN 0966700031)
*''[ My life with Elder Joseph]'' by Elder Ephraim. Moscow, Akhtyr Saint Trinity Monastery, 2012. (in Russian)
==External links==
*[ History] of the Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Monastery in Harvard, Illinois, with a brief biography of Fr. Ephraim
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