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[[Image:EpiscopalAssembly2010.jpg|right|thumb|400px|The Episcopal Assembly]]
The '''Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America''', founded in 2010, consists of all the active Orthodox [[bishop]]s of North and Central America, representing multiple [[jurisdiction]]s. It is the successor to [[SCOBA]], and it has assumed responsibility for all SCOBA agencies and ministries. It is not, properly speaking, a [[synod]]. The Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America is one of several such bodies around the world which operate in the so-called "[[diaspora]]."
The Episcopal Assemblies derive their authority and basic rules of operation from the decisions of the Fourth Pre-Conciliar Pan-Orthodox Conference held at the Orthodox Center of the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] in Chambésy, Switzerland, from June 6-12, 2009.
At the 2010 meeting, officers were also elected and committees formed to work together on numerous issues of common concern to the Orthodox in the region. It was further decided to request of the mother churches that Canada be given its own Episcopal Assembly and that the bishops of Central America be allowed to join the [[Episcopal Assembly of South America]].
The Secretariat of the Assembly, led by Bp. [[Basil (Essey) of Wichita|Basil (Essey)]], is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.[]
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