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Gregoriou Monastery (Athos)

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[[Image:Grigoriou-Monastery-Mount-Athos.jpg|left|thumb|200px300px|Gregoriou Monastery]]
The '''Gregoriou Monastery''' (Greek: Γρηγορίου) is situated on the southwest side of the Athos Peninsula in northern Greece, between the monasteries of [[Dionysiou Monastery (Athos)|Dionysiou]] and [[Simonopetra Monastery (Athos)|Simonopetra]]. Gregoriou originally was dedicated to the [[Nicholas of Myra|St. Nicholas]] but later was renamed in honor of its founder, Gregory. It is ranked seventeenth in the hierarchical order of the twenty monasteries located on the [[Mount Athos]] peninsula. Gregoriou is reputed to be one of the most well-organized and strict coenobitic monasteries on the Mount Athos peninsula.

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