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Flavian (Gorodetsky) of Kiev

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Under Archimandrite Flavian’s leadership the candidate for the first Chinese Orthodox priest was prepared for ordination. In June 1882, a party of Archimandrite Flavian, his candidate, [[Mitrophan Ji]], and two candidates for reader traveled to Tokyo, Japan. On [[June 20]], 1882, Bishop [[Nicholas of Japan]] ordained Mitrophan a deacon, followed on [[June 29]] as a priest.
As his ten years with the Beijing mission came to a close, Archimandrite Flavian looked to re-assignment to a more restful position. In 1884, he was transferred back to Russia and on [[February 2]], 1885 was consecrated Bishop of AksajskAksaisk, [[vicar]] to the Don [[diocese]]. Then, Bp. Flavian was transferred as Bishop of Lyublinsky, vicar of the Kholmsky and Warsaw diocese. Then, on [[December 14]], 1891, Bp. Flavian was installed as ruling Bishop of Kholmsky and Warsaw. The following year on [[May 15]], 1892, Bp. Flavian was raised to the dignity of Archbishop of Kholmsky and Warsaw. Also, from 1892 to 1894, he served on the Holy Synod of the [[Church of Russia]].
On [[February 21]], 1898, Apb. Flavian was elected Archbishop of Kartalinsky and Kakhetinsky and Exarch of Georgia. In the same year he was appointed as a permanent member of the Holy Synod. On [[November 10]], 1901. Abp. Flavian was elected Archbishop of Kharkov and Akhtyrsky and then on [[February 1]], 1903 he became Metropolitan of Kiev and Galich. During the short time he was Archbishop of Kharkov, Abp. Flavian was able impact the life in the diocese significantly. He transformed the eparichial orphanage and strengthen the religious education activity of the clergy and of the theological educational institutions.
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