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The '''Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas''' (SCOBA) is was an organization founded in 1960 under the leadership of Archbishop [[Iakovos (Coucouzis) of America]] and designed to help cooperation among the several Orthodox Christian [[jurisdiction]]s to be found in the Americas. It acts acted as a clearinghouse for educational, charitable, and missionary work in the Americas. Its member hierarchs meet met semi-annually for discussion and decisions on inter-Orthodox and ecumenical matters, to review the work of its commissions and dialogues, and to plan future events. By a vote of its members, SCOBA was dissolved in 2010 and its ministries, agencies, etc., assumed into the work of the [[Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America]].
The members of SCOBA are were represented by [[archbishop]]s, [[metropolitan]]s, and [[bishop]]s of Orthodox churches in North and South America that are in communion with the four ancient Orthodox [[Patriarchate]]s of [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]], [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]], [[Church of Alexandria|Alexandria]], and [[Church of Jerusalem|Jerusalem]], and those that are in communion with them. Four of the member jurisdictions are canonically subject to the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Not all jurisdictions on American soil which are in communion with these patriarchates are also members of SCOBA (e.g., the churches in the US belonging to the [[Church of Jerusalem]] or the [[ROCOR]]).
In November of 1994, at the famous [[Ligonier Meeting]] at the [[Antiochian Village]] in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, the hierarchs of SCOBA voted together in terms of forming an Orthodox Church of America, a single [[holy synod]] and church administration for all Orthodox Christians living in America, declaring themselves no longer to be a [[diaspora]] but rather a missionary church. The outcome of that meeting has yet to come to fruition.
*[[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA]]
==Current Officersat Dissolution==
*Archbishop [[Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America|Demetrios (Trakatellis)]], Chair
*Metropolitan [[Philip (Saliba) of New York|Philip (Saliba)]], Vice-Chair
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