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Macarius II (Nevsky) of Moscow

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In 1913, Macarius became an honorable member of the [[St. Petersburg Theological Academy]].
After the abdication of Tsar Nicholas on [[March 15]], 1917, control of the government fell to the Provisional Government, in which [[Vladimir Nikolayevich Lvov|Vladimir Lvov]] was named the [[Ober -Procurator]]. One of Lvov's first actions on [[March 17]] was to dismiss, unlawfully, the sitting members, except one, of the Apostolic Governing Synod. As one of the "conservatives" and "Monarchists", Metr. Macarius was a prime candidate for Lvov's action, who rationalized his action on Metr. Macarius' through alleged associations with [[Gregory Efimovich Rasputin|Rasputin]].
On [[March 20]], 1917, he was retired by the Synod, together with Metr. Pitirim, Abp. Barnabas of Tobolsk and Abp. Ambrose of Sarapul. After his retirement Metr. Macarius was sent to Nicholas Ugresh Monastery where he remained for eight years in a "prison" as he himself called it. He was deprived of the ability to preach the gospel of Christ. After the Bolshevik revolution, Metr. Macarius was harassed by searches and confrontations with armed agitators looking for valuables. Metr. Macarius never reconciled with his forced and uncanonical retirement.

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