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*[[Seraphim Rose|Rose, Fr. Seraphim]], [ "Genesis, Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision"] This page presents several chapters from Fr. Seraphim's book on creation.
*[[Seraphim Rose|Rose, Fr. Seraphim]], [ "Genesis and Early Man: The Orthodox patristic understanding"]
* [Old Believing -- Orthodoxy and Creationism] [] an Orthodox blogger has compiled Patristic quotes pertaining to timelines and chronologies in the Old Testament, as well as the witness of modern Orthodox Saints and Holy Elders about evolution and Genesis* [Old Believing -- Genesis, Creation, and Early Man][] an Orthodox blogger offers a critique of George Theokritoff's review of Fr. Seraphim Roses's ''Genesis, Creation and Early Man'', which is linked above, in the compatibilist section.
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