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Photius II (Maniatis) of Constantinople

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[[Image:Fotios II.jpg|thumb|Patriarch Photius II]]
His All-Holiness '''Patriarch Photius II''' (Greek: ''Φώτιος Β΄ '') (1874 - 29 December 29, 1936), born '''Dimitrios Maniatis''', or Demetrios Maniates (''Δημήτριος Μανιάτης''), was the [[List of Patriarchs of Constantinople|265th Successor]] to the [[Apostle Andrew]] and [[Patriarch of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople]] from 1929 to 1936.
He was born in Pringipo in 1874, finishing his basic education there before going to the German-Swiss school of Galata and finally to the Zaripheo High School in Philippopolis. He studied theology at the University of Athens and Philosophy at the University of Munich. He spoke fluent Greek, Turkish, French, German, and Bulgarian.

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