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Church of Poland

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possessions=Brasil, Italy|
language=[[Church Slavonic]], Polish, Portuguese|
music=[[Russian Chant]], [[Polish Chant]], [[Znamenny Chant]]|
calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]], [[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|
In an attempt to reduce antagonism in Poland after World War I, the Orthodox leadership in Poland and the Polish government arranged for the Orthodox in Poland to organize as an autocephalous church, which was recognized by the [[Ecumenical Patriarch|Patriarch of Constantinople]] in 1924. In 1948, the Patriarch of Russia also recognized the autocephaly of the Church of Poland.
Today, the Church of Poland is led by the [[Archbishop]] of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland and includes six dioceses/eparchies: Warsaw and Bielsk, Bialystok and Gdansk, Lodz and Poznan, Wroclaw and Szczecin, Lublin and Chelm, and Przemysl and Nowy Sacz. Most Orthodox Christians are located in eastern Poland, where Old [[Church Slavonic]] is the liturgical language. There are a few [[parish]]es throughout Poland where Polish is used during services. The [[Holy Synod]] has translated and published St [[John Chrysostom]]'s and St Basil's Liturgies, as well as the [[Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts|Presanctified Liturgy]] of St. [[Gregory the Dialogist|Gregory Dialogus]]. In recent decades Orthodox believers have also returned to the Lemko region, which is part of the Eparchy of Przemysl and Nowy Sacz. Old Church Slavonic is generally used as the liturgical language in the Lemko area. It is estimated that there are about one million Orthodox in Poland. The Brazilian Orthodox Eparchy of Polish Church uses Portuguese.
*His Eminence [[Simon (Romańczuk) of Łódź and Poznań|Simon]], Archbishop of Łódź and Poznań
*His Eminence [[Adam (Dubets) of Przemysl and Novy Sandets|Adam]], Archbishop of Przemysl and Nowy Sacz
*His Eminence [[Jeremiah(Ancimiuk) of Wroclaw|Jeremiah]], Archbishop of Wrocław and Szczecin
*His Eminence [[Abel (Poplavsky) of Lublin and Kholm|Abel]], Archbishop of Lublin and Chełm
*His Eminence Chrisóstomo, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro and Olinda-Recife
*His Grace [[Miron (Chodakowski) of Hajnówka|Miron]], Archbishop of Hajnówka and auxiliary for the Polish Army. Died in airplane accident [[April 10. ]], 2010 - Metr. Sawa interim Ordinary of Polish Army.
*His Grace [[Jakub (Kostiuczuk) of Bialystok and Gdansk|Jacob]], Archbishop of Białystok and Gdańsk
*His Grace Ambrósio, Bishop of Recife
*His Grace [[Gregory(Charkiewicz) of Bialy|Gregory]], Bishop of SupraślBialy
*His Grace George, Bishop of Siemiatycze
*His Grace Paisios, Bishop of Gorlice
*[[Diocese of Warsaw-Bielsk]]
*[[Diocese of Bialystok-Gdansk]]
*[[Diocese of Lublin-Chełm]]
*[[Diocese of Wroclaw-Szczecin]]
*Diocese of Lodz-Poznan
*[[Diocese of Przemysl-Novy Soncz]]
*Orthodox Chaplainship of the Polish Army
*Diocese of Rio de Janeiro and Olinda-Recife
==See also==
*[[List of Metropolitans of Poland]]
==External links==
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*[ Polish Orthodox Unofficial Website] (English and Polish)
*[ Site of Białystok-Gdańsk Diocese] (English and Polish)
*[ Orthodox Church of Brazil] (Portuguese)
*[ "The Polish Orthodox Church"] in ''The Eastern Christian Churches: A Brief Survey'' (2008) by Ronald Roberson, on the CNEWA website.
'''Original Orthodox Origins'''
*Antoni Mironowicz. ''[ The Orthodox Church in Poland].'' 2010.
*Orthodox England. ''[ Orthodox Europe: Poland uncovers its original Orthodoxy].''
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