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Sawa (Hrycuniak) of Warsaw

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[[Image:J. E. metropolita Sawa.JPG|right|thumb|His Beatitude Sawa, Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland.]]His Beatitude '''Sawa (Hrycuniak)''', [[Archbishop]] of Warsaw and [[Metropolitan]] of All Poland, is the current head of the [[autocephalous]] [[Church of Poland]]. He is the eighth [[hierarch]] to head the Polish [[church]] since it was granted autocephaly by the [[Patriarch of Constantinople]] in 1924. As Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland, his residence [[see]] is in Warsaw at the [[Cathedral]] of [[Cathedral of Mary Magdalen Equal to the Apostles (Warsaw)|Mary Magdalen Equal to the Apostles]].
Born on [[April 15]], 1938, in Sniatycze (near Zamosc), Michal Michael Hrycuniak completed a spiritual [[seminary]] and then enrolled in a Master of Arts in Theological Studies in 1957, graduating in 1961.
Michal began lecturing at the Orthodox Spiritual Seminary in Warsaw in 1961, and since 1962 he lectured at the Christian Theological Academy (ChAT), something he has continued to do to this day. In 1964, Michal was [[ordination|ordained]] to the [[diaconate]]. In 1966, Dcn Michal received his Ph.D. in Theology from the Orthodox Theologic Faculty of the University of Belgrade, after which he was [[tonsure]]d with the name ''Sawa''. In the same year, [[hierodeacon|Hdcn]] Sawa was ordained to the [[priest]]hood and was made director of the office of the Metropolitan of Warsaw. Fr Sawa was elevated to [[archimandrite]] in 1970, and was named prior of St Onufry [[Monastery]], Jableczna.
In 1990, the president of the Republic of Poland nominated Abp Sawa to be a professor of theology; since March of that year, he has held the Orthodox Theology Chair at the University of Bialystok. In 1994, having formed the Orthodox Ordinariate of the Polish Army, under the blessing of the Holy Synod, he was nominated by the Minister of National Defence as the Elder of Orthodox Ordinariate of the Polish Army, entitled a Field Bishop. In 1996, he was made a brigadier-general.
In 1998, he ceased his role in the Polish army. In January, due to an illness suffered by Metropolian [[Bazyli Basil (Doroszkiewicz), Metropolitan of WarsawPoland|Bazyli]], the [[Holy Synod]] made Archbishop Sawa the [[Locum Tenens]] of the Metropolitan throne. On [[May 12]], 1998, the Holy Synod unanimously elected Archbishop Sawa as Archbishop of Warsaw, Metropolitan of All Poland. The [[enthronement]] took place on [[May 31]], 1998.
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