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'''Djibouti''' (Arabic:<small> See Main Article </small> جيبوتي ‎ Jībūtī), officially the '''Republic of Djibouti''', is a country in the northeast of Africa that forms the Horn of Africa. It has water borders on the southern edge of the Red Sea and on the Gulf of Aden. On the land side, the country is bordered by [[Archdiocese of AksumEritrea]] in the north, [[Ethiopia]] in the west and south, and [[Somalia]]'''in the southeast. It was known as French Somaliland during first half of the twentieth century.
[[Apparently the area of Djibouti]], along had no significant association with [[Ethiopia]], [[Eritrea]], Christianity during antiquity and [[Somalia]] is under the jurisdiction early centuries of Christianity. Through close contacts with the Holy adjacent Arabian Peninsula after the establishment of [[Archdiocese of AksumIslam]] of , the Somali and Afar ethnic groups in the region became among the first populations on the Greek Orthodox [[Patriarchate continent of Alexandria]] and all Africato embrace Islam.
The Orthodox Christian adherents in Djibouti today constitute a very small percentage of the population of the country that is largely [[Muslim]]. The majority of indigenous Orthodox Christians of Djibouti are members of the non-Chalcedonian [[Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church|Ethiopian Orthodox Church]]. The Chalcedonian Orthodox Christians of Djibouti are under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Holy [[Archdiocese of Aksum]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and all Africa.
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