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Sunday of the Last Judgment

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This Sunday is called Meatfare Sunday since it is traditionally the last day before Easter for eating meat. Orthodox Christians observe a [[fast]] from meat all week, but still eat dairy products and eggs till the start of Great Lent.
The [[Gospel]] reading this Sunday remembers [[Christ]]'s [[parable ]] of the Last Judgment ([[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]] 25:31-46). This adds to the previous pre-Lent Sundays and teaches that it is not enough to see Jesus, to see ourselves as we are, and to come home to God as his prodigal sons. The Church teaches that, in addition, one must also be God’s sons by following Christ, his only-begotten divine Son, and by seeing Christ in everyone and by serving Christ through them.
Salvation and final judgment will depend upon deeds, not merely on intentions or even on the mercies of God apart from personal cooperation and obedience. All piety and prayer is ultimately directed towards the goal of serving Christ through his people.

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